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Window and Door Installation in Buffalo, NY

Whether your windows and doors need replacing or you want a new look, Braendel offers high-quality installations and materials for every project. Installing these new windows and doors will not only increase your home's visual appeal but also help you save on energy costs. If the windows are incorrectly installed or very old, they can significantly cause higher heating and cooling bills. We provide the best services for every project so our customers can have a wonderful experience.

Braendel's window services in Buffalo, NY

How to Pick the Right Door

There are a wide variety of different door types that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. We install hinged patio doors, sliding patio doors, wood entry doors, fiberglass or steel entry doors, and storm doors. Hinged and sliding patio doors are perfect for entrances from backyards or porches. They offer a high amount of natural sunlight and are ideal for entrances facing the side or back of your home. Wood entry doors, fiberglass or steel entry doors, and storm doors are the perfect addition to the front of your home. These doors provide more protection and privacy from neighbors and people passing by. They give a feeling of security so you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe.

How to Pick the Right Type of Window 

There are many different windows to choose from that can add extensions to your home. Some of our windows in stock are double-hung, single-hung, sliding, glass block, casement, and specialty windows. Casement windows are a perfect way to let in natural light, all while keeping some privacy. The thick and warped glass makes it difficult to see through, making these the better option for bathrooms and bedrooms. Double-hung, single-hung, sliding, glass block, and some specialty windows are perfect for when you want some fresh air flowing through your home. These windows give you a variety of styles to pick from, all while functioning in the same fundamental way.

Having new windows and doors won't only improve the look of your home but will also improve your daily living. You will save tremendously on utility bills by having properly sealed windows that prevent drafts and keep your home at a stable temperature. On last value of implementing these changes is that it will increase the value of your home. Braendel is an expert in these installations and knows what type of product you could benefit from. Whether you want improved functionality or are simply looking to enhance the aesthetic of your home, Braendel is here for you.

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