Bringing Buildings Back to Glory

Historical Restoration Services

From the 20th Century Club, City Hall & Alling & Cory Buffalo Warehouse, Buffalo is proud of its history and the historic buildings that remain to tell the story. Along with these magnificent buildings are thousands of historic homes all over Erie County which are just as historic and beautiful. When it comes time to renovate such a place, it needs special care and attention that you'd be unwise to trust to just any contractor. From sanding, repairs, priming, reglazing, recaulking, painting & tiling we can restore your historic home or building back to its former glory and grandeur.

historical renovations

Structural Restoration and More

We match our youthful energy with an "old-timer" skillset that allows us to successfully take on historical restorations all over western New York. Come to us for brickwork, sandblasting, painting, carpentry, and any other structural restoration work you are considering. We have the expertise to update a building's structural integrity while keeping its historical integrity intact.

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