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Home Additions in Buffalo, NY

Home additions grant you the comfort of additional living space and expand the possibilities of what you can do in your home. That's one of the biggest upsides to home additions: your options are essentially limitless! Whether you're interested in an additional room for some designated office space or looking to create a custom garage, Braendel Services will work with you to make your home addition everything you dreamed it would be.


Beautiful home additions in Buffalo, NY

Home Addition Ideas

A lot of people consider home additions to add some extra living space and create a comfier, cozier home. Have you been thinking of adding some space to your home, but are not sure where to start? Here are some home addition ideas to help get you started!

Primary Bedroom Addition

Formerly known as a "master's suite", primary bedrooms gives you a paradisic amount of privacy and a space to call your own. Not only does a master suite give you the luxury of a private bedroom space, but you also have to option to add amenities such as luxury showers and tubs, heated tile floors, or a double vanity. Braendel Services will work with you to provide custom designs for your master suite.

Sunroom Addition

Sunrooms are a great home addition idea if you're looking to build out. These rooms offer the best of both worlds, offering access to the outside with the benefits of an enclosed, indoor space. Sunrooms are often designed to utilize windows in every area possible, giving you a perfect view of the outdoors. And the best part is that sunrooms are typically less expensive than traditional home additions. 

Garage Addition

Garage additions are a haven to car fanatics everywhere. Not only will you have additional living space, but you'll also have an area to park your car and keep it protected from the elements. You also have the option to build an attached or detached garage, depending on your preferences and how you're planning to use this space. 

Home Office Addition

With the rise in remote working, many homeowners have been restructuring their living spaces to accommodate a home office. Instead of having to squeeze into a temporary workspace, adding a home office gives you the opportunity to fully design your dream work environment. Whether you're looking for a larger area to work out of or want to add more natural light to your office space, Braendel Services will work with you to achieve your home addition dreams. 

 Whatever you're envisioning, you can trust Braendel to bring it to life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do home additions add value?

Adding a new addition to your home will open up a lot of possibilities for you - particularly in terms of home value, too! Because home additions increase your home's overall square footage, you can expect to see a significant increase in property value. Having unique spaces, such as sunrooms or master suites, is appealing to homebuyers (and also easily enjoyed by current owners in the case you get too attached to your newly renovated livable space).

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