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Installing entirely new flooring in a single room or throughout your house can give your home's interior a fresh look and feel. Having quality flooring that will stand the test of time will help your home appear newly upgraded for years to come. Braendel Services offers a variety of flooring options to choose from, so you can always have the freedom to design your room to your liking. Flooring options from Braendel Buffalo include different styles that will help you stay on top of new interior design trends. From hardwood to Lifeproof vinyl, and everything in between, Braendel offers a flooring option that's guaranteed to fit your space.

B=Vinyl flooring installed in an Buffalo, NY kitchen
Bathroom floor installation in Buffalo, NY

Different Types of Flooring for Your Home

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

Lifeproof flooring is one of the more popular vinyl flooring options - and for good reason. Vinyl flooring is completely synthetic. It's composed of multiple layers of PVC and fiberglass, and it's coated with a plasticizer, making it both scratch proof and water resistant. Many people choose to install Lifeproof flooring into their kitchens and bathrooms for those reasons. Vinyl flooring is also less expensive than other flooring options, yet can be nearly identical in appearance. Installation of vinyl flooring is also less expensive, due to its pre-attached sound mitigating underlayment pad, which negates the need for any underlayment. This floating click-together technology allows your vinyl flooring to sit on top of your existing floor, saving you time and expenses. Braendel Services in Buffalo, NY uses Lifeproof flooring for a majority of our installation projects. 

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms — and for good reason. Tile flooring is perfect for areas of your home that are frequently exposed to moisture because it withstands water damage. You won't have to worry about any moisture buildup, mold growth, or mildew smells. Not only does tile protect your flooring from water damage, but it's also durable and can last for decades.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been popular for years. Although hardwood flooring comes in at a higher price, its quality and durability make it an attractive option for new flooring. Hardwood also comes in a variety of styles, such as oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, and much more. 

Homeowners are also likely to get a return on investment if they install hardwood flooring within their home, as it's a selling point for homebuyers. If you're looking to upgrade your flooring, but don't want to reinstall new hardwood, contact Braendel Services to talk about hardwood floor refinishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lifeproof flooring waterproof?

Lifeproof flooring is completely waterproof, making it a great cost-effective flooring option for kitchens, bathrooms, and areas of your home that are prone to moisture. Lifeproof flooring is also slip-resistant and incredibly durable. That's why Braendel loves to use it on our flooring installation projects in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas!

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