Expert and Careful Painting

Having the exterior of your home painted can help to preserve the value and curb appeal of your home by protecting it from the elements. As home painters, we begin by setting up an appointment for a free estimate to evaluate the job and provide you with an estimate at that time. Once you agree to the estimate we begin our process.


With professional exterior painting by Braendel of Buffalo, NY, we provide 5 critical steps to ensure that the exterior painting of your home is done right the first time and will have lasting beauty for years to come.


1.  Pressure wash to clean and remove mildew spores.

2.  Remove all loose paint by hand scrapping and sanding.

3.  Prime bare surfaces with an enamel or oil undercoat.

4.  Patch and caulk all open gaps on all home surfaces.

5.  Finish coat of the highest quality paint.


Extra care we take on every job includes plant, grass and shrub protection and full clean up on and around grounds.


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Residential Exterior Painting & Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Refinishing

You receive the same Braendel quality in either exterior or interior painting and a full two year guarantee!